Instant Slow with Yang Chin | 與楊勤慢慢立可拍

今年年初富士軟片Fujifilm公司悄悄宣布停止生產 FP-100C ,全世界僅存的撕拉式的「即拍即印」底片,是該公司繼黑白撕拉片FP-100B (2012年停產)及FP-3000B(2014年停產)後對這種頗受攝影師喜愛的終結。說到「撕拉」,這個舉動也讓許多沒有停止拍攝所謂「立可拍」底片的攝影師沮喪、失望、甚至憤怒,好像撕裂了他們的心。



Earlier this year Fujifilm made a backdoor announcement that the company would no longer produce FP-100C instant peel-apart film, the only remaining instant peel-apart film for use in Polaroid Land cameras and film backs on various medium and large format cameras. The news triggered a wave of nostalgia, anger, regret, disappointment and sorrow among many photographers, myself included, as well as a buying frenzy as people scrambled to snatch up as much of the beautiful film as they could afford. I personally didn’t join the fray this time, but as a veteran of the previous discontinuation of FP-3000B, a gorgeous high speed, high contrast black and white film that miraculously has very little grain, I have a freezer filled with it. In among the 30-plus boxes of my remaining stock of FP-3000B was one last box of another discontinued formula, the equally sumptuous FP-100B, a slow, grainless, high contrast black and white film with a very close look to 3000B.


An upcoming portrait session with the irresistible Yang Chin scheduled, which we agreed would feature mostly black and white film and some use of my Linhof Technika IV 4×5 format camera, I decided it would be an excellent time to finish my last box of FP-100B. Ten exposures and poof!

或許用45機拍拍立得底片有點令人以為「殺雞焉用牛刀」,但我不以為然,因為攝影最重要的不是過程而是成果,而Fujifilm 的及拍即印系列底片令我非常喜愛,百看不厭。有機會捕捉到楊勤甜美的笑容,親切風趣的幽默感,健美的肌肉線條和美麗的臉蛋絕對是使用手上最後一盒子FP-100B非常好的機緣。

Fujifilm FP-3000B

Some may say it is overkill, or too much camera for film that was essentially used “back in the day” for proofing. But as a big fan of Fujifilm’s black and white pack films, I emphatically disagree. How could drawing out and capturing Yang Chin’s beauty, wit, and her sweet, easy smile ever be a waste of any type of film?


意外的夢幻效果 | Happy accident?

After setting up my lights and background, we made a few digital exposures before bringing out the heavy artillery. Before using the final box of FP-100B we needed to finish the 3000B that was in the holder, so made those with just ambient light and the modeling lights of my studio strobes. Next, we proceeded to finish the entire pack of FP100-B without interruption, but not without incident. The complexity of using a large format camera can still trip me up when I’m not alert, and sometimes I can forget to replace the dark slide or close the lens, resulting in inadvertent exposures. That is what happened in one case here, as I left the shutter open while inserting the film back. This had the effect of “flashing” the film, which you can see by the highly overexposed image above.


For now please enjoy our work on my last remaining box of Fujifilm FP-100B instant peel-apart film, with plenty more to come in future installments.




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