The Last Days of Huaguang Village 華光社區的殞落

Tucked away in the heart of Taipei city a stone’s throw away from the tourists and concert-goers at the CKS Memorial and National Concert Hall, the Central Bank, the wedding photo studios of Aiguo West Rd., and a few blocks from the bustling crowds and delectable food in the Yongkang Street district (headlined by the original flagship restaurant of the world-famous Din Tai Fung dumpling chain), a humble community once stood. In addition to low-lying residences there was a popular breakfast shop, a roadside soup dumpling shop that gave Din Tai Fung a run for its money for far less, and a small temple. The temple was a gathering place for residents, like a de facto community center. Around the small community stretching two blocks in each direction lived people from all over China  housed here after the Nationalist government’s retreat to Taiwan – civil servants, street vendors, teachers, and soldiers living next door to local Taiwanese. Thousands of young people grew up  here, and many moved away to start families or seek better comforts, taking their memories with them.

But some stayed, either by choice or necessity. These are the people I encountered over the more than four years I spent here, making pictures of a community long forgotten, and meeting a handful of her residents.

位於台北市的核心地帶,緊鄰中正紀念堂,中央銀行,愛國西路婚紗街,信義路,和永康商圈。我不在此贅述其過去的歷史和近幾年的遭遇 - 那些Google一下就有了。總而言之,這個社區不光是國民黨來台後給軍眷居住的「眷村」,有自1947年就搬進去的台灣人,有法院的職員,也有非軍人身份隨政府來台,在這裡賣胡椒餅的老江蘇人。不分出生地或職業,






邱先生 台灣人。1947年搬入社區跟奶奶一起住。

Mr. Chiu
Taiwan native. Resided in Huaguang since moving in to live with grandmother in 1947.


Months before the dismantling of his own home, I asked Mr. Chiu to stand in the space left by the destruction of his neighbor’s home. 


Mr. Jiang, a native of Jiangsu, China. Neither a civil servant nor a soldier, the chaos of China’s civil war carried him to Taiwan, where he sold beef pepper cakes in the Huaguang community for decades. He remained alone in Taiwan, leaving behind three younger brothers in China and never marrying. Defiant in the face of his neighborhood’s demolition, he still hung laundry outside on the last day there. He was settled into a retirement home with the help of community advocate Judy Cheng and Taipei’s social services department.


余先生 台灣人。患有肺癌。和太太跟智障的大兒子居住的房子是親手打造的。政府罰他違章建築的款直接從擔任香菸公司業務員的小兒子的薪資扣除。

鄭小姐。 英文老師,社區發言人。

Fire destroyed a small block of Huaguang Village in 2011. Residents suspected arson. 2011年初華光遭人縱火,幸好沒有人傷亡。





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