Welcoming Eloise

While babysitting my neighbor’s children when I was in high school I could barely imagine adulthood for myself, let alone how they would grow up and what they would one day become. And even in my wildest dreams I couldn’t have found myself living once again as virtual neighbors, only now across the entire country in California.

So it was with equal parts wonder and amazement that I visited my old neighbors, their daughter, her husband, and their new daughter, Eloise, not far from me at their home in Mountain View, California.

The little girl I used to babysit, now a new mommy, had endured a few difficult days, so we placed the focus on Eloise as she demonstrated the breadth of her many expressions changing from moment to moment as her proud grandpa held her.


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This was a quick, impromptu session under available light. Contact me to arrange a newborn session at your home for your beautiful new addition and family.

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