52 Rolls – Roll #9 (Q04R04): Expendable Permanence (Ilford Disposable Cameras)

This is Roll #9 of my 52 Rolls in 52 Weeks Project Quick Look Camera – Ilford HP5 Plus Single Use Camera with flash Lens – Built-in lens Film – Ilford HP5+ Exposure – Auto Developer – Rodinal (1 : 100, 60-minute stand with agitation during first minute and one gentle turn at 30 min.) Scanner – Epson Perfection V550   This week finds us looking at the results from a unique and intriguing camera that in its way has helped make disposable cameras affordable, relevant and fun again. Not too long ago in film terms the good folks at Ilford, a company specializing in black and white emulsions and paper stocks, introduced two types of single use, AKA “disposable”, cameras. Unlike the disposables we used to know and love from Kodak and Fujifilm, these handsome little cameras are loaded with Ilford’s HP5+ or XP2 (a C41 process monochrome film) emulsions. Both are rated at 400 ISO and are beloved for their exceptional versatility. I was first drawn to the HP5+ single use cam by its handsome looks. And since I am always game to experiment with any sort of film, camera or both, I piggybacked on a friend’s overseas order in preparation for a Twitter community challenge instigated by @Ribnar called No Gear No Fear and picked up two of the HP5+ cameras. This was shortly before I left Taiwan and moved back to the United States, so I was unable to complete a roll in time to enter the contest. But I did start the first roll in Taiwan and finished it whilst on a road trip across the country, and shot the entire...
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