52 Rolls – Intro (英文)

As an avid follower of the fabulous Emulsive film photography website’s updates, interviews, and Twittering, I recently read his “roll call” post regarding 52 rolls in 52 weeks projects. The idea of shooting and sharing one roll of film per week did not originate with the enigmatic Emulsive, but from a Flickr post in 2012. German film aficionado Urban Hafner subsequently set up the site 52rolls.org and has hosted the projects of numerous contributors since 2013. This was the first time I’d heard of the project or exercise. I’m fairly certain I average at least a roll per week of film in my ongoing photographic activities, but mostly load film and shoot it in my various cameras in fairly haphazard fashion. The concept of 52 rolls in 52 weeks really appealed to me as a way to perhaps lend some structure or organization to my personal photography and maybe try a few new things. I decided I wanted to take on such a project, but  before diving into such an undertaking – or even getting in touch with Urban about being an official participant via his fine site – I wanted to establish some ground rules to guide the proceedings. As I enjoy shooting everything from 135 film to 4×5 format in black and white and colour, and everything from pinhole and plastic cameras to sharp glass on high resolution DSLRs, I thought it would be nice to follow a seasonal approach, mixing formats along the way. Here is the structure for my own 52 rolls project:   First Quarter (Last Week of Dec. 2015 – March 2016) Kodak 250D Only The full name of this...
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